Kenya Tours

Kenya tours are exciting as the country has a lot to offer including rich wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful lakes and rivers, colorful tribal culture and stunning white-sand beaches.

Kenya is easily accessible, as there are many international flights from the UK, Europe and beyond making it easy to get flights to Kenya. There are also many local carriers making it possible to find cheap domestic flights.

If you’d like to take a self-drive safari you can readily hire a car either a 4×4 or 2WD and a taxicab for airport transfers.

Accommodation in Kenya ranges from luxury to budget in hotels, safari lodges, vacation rentals, hostels, bed and breakfasts etc.

Kenya Tour Packages

There are tailor-made tour packages that take you to the various tourist destinations in Kenya. The tours can be customized to meet individual requirements.


Kenya has 60+ game parks and you can tour them by flying to the destinations or driving there. Tour packages take you to popular destinations such as Masai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu and Tsavo and can easily be combined with a beach stay.

Burchells Zebras in Tsavo National Park

Camping Safaris

A Kenya camping safari gives you the real bush experience, as you are separated from the sights, smells and sounds of the wild by only a canvas. Accommodation can be in luxury tented camps or in low-priced campsites.

Mountain Climbing / Hiking

Mount Kenya (the second highest mountain in Africa) is regarded as the most visually stunning of the snow-capped African peaks. It offers easy or challenging ascents with spectacular scenery.

Nairobi Tour Packages

Nairobi tours and excursions take you to the various tourist attractions in and around the capital such as Nairobi National Park, Carnivore, Karen Blixen Museum, Bomas of Kenya etc.

Mombasa Tour Packages

Kenya beach holidays can be tranquil or full of activity. You can choose to relax and sunbathe in the beautiful white sandy beaches or enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. Mombasa tours and excursions let you explore attractions at the coast such as, the Old Town, Fort Jesus and Shimba Hills Game Reserve.

Kitesurfing at the coast

Honeymoon Packages

Kenya honeymoon vacation packages are designed to offer you the best of safari and beach. They take you to top destinations such as Masai Mara, Mount Kenya Safari Club, Samburu, and Kiwayu Island.

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