Kenya Weather Conditions and Forecast

Kenya weather is generally sunny year round. The main rainy seasons are from March to May (the ‘long rains’) and from November to December (the ‘short rains’). The amount of rainfall varies year to year.

Central Kenya is located on a plateau and the altitude keeps the heat index at a comfortable level. Nairobi, the capital of Kenya is situated in this region and average temperatures here vary from a minimum of 10°C to 14°C to a maximum of 22°C to 28°C.

In Mombasa temperatures remain steadily hot for most of the year, but on the beach the humidity is kept at bay by the ocean breeze. This is the case with other coastal towns such as Malindi and Lamu. With average sea temperatures rarely dropping under 26°C the all year round conditions for swimming are magnificent.

Western Kenya is generally hot and humid with rainfall falling throughout the year, the heaviest usually in April. There is abundant sunshine year round and the rain mostly falls in the evenings. Temperatures range from a minimum of 14°C to 18°C to a maximum of 30°C to 36°C throughout the year.

The famous Masai Mara National Reserve is situated in Western Kenya. Together with see spectacular landscapes and an abundance of wildlife on your Masai Mara safari, you can witness the annual great wildebeest migration between July and October.

The semiarid bushlands of northern and eastern Kenya are generally sunny throughout the year. Temperatures vary from highs of up to 40°C during the day to less than 20°C at night. Rainfall in this area is sparse and, when it does occur, it is often in the form of violent storms. July is usually the driest month, and November the wettest. Northern Kenya is sparsely populated and it is filled with natural, rugged beauty.

Mount Kenya has permanent snow at its peaks, so it’s cold through out the year. At night at the higher elevations the temperature can drop as low as -10 C. Typically the early mornings on the mountain are sunny and dry, and clouds often form by noon.

It is possible to hike Mount Kenya throughout the year but it gets more difficult during the rainy seasons from mid-March to mid-June and October to mid-December. Other tourist attractions in this region are Mount Kenya National Park and Aberdares National Park.

See climate of Kenya for more details on the annual weather conditions and climatic zones.

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