Mount Kenya Climbing Safaris

Mount Kenya climbing safaris are exciting and adventure packed. Anyone who is reasonably fit can reach Point Lenana (4,985 m), whereas the mountain’s highest peaks, Batian (5,199 m) and Nelion (5,188 m) require technical mountaineering skills.

Diwaka Tours & Travel offer year-round guided Mt Kenya climbing tours via the principle trekking routes (Naromoru, Chogoria and Sirimon). The popular tours are:

  • 3 Days Mt Kenya Climb – Sirimon – Naromoru
  • 3 Days Mt Kenya Climb – Sirimon – Sirimon
  • 4 Days Mt Kenya Climb – Sirimon – Sirimon
  • 5 Days Mt Kenya Climb – Sirimon – Chogoria
  • 5 Days Mt Kenya Climb – Chogoria – Sirimon

For those who have limited time a 3 days hike is possible. However, this tour is only suitable for energetic mountain hikers, as the descend is done in one very long day.

The 4 days hike is usually rated as the easiest among the short trips and is quite popular with persons attempting to reach an altitude exceeding 4,000 meters (13,123 feet) for the first time.

Mount Kenya Climbing

It is a good choice for large trekking groups as it follows the same trail up and down the mountain. This makes it convenient for those who are unable to reach Point Lenana to stay behind at lower camps to wait for the rest of the group to complete the trip then descend together.

The 5 days hike offers the best acclimatization and the descend is at a gradual and comfortable pace.

These Mount Kenya climbing tours can be adjusted to 6, 7 or 8 days, enabling you to explore Mount Kenya’s geological variety such as the spectacular Gorges Valley, Nithi Falls and Mugi Hill.

Equipment and Climbing Gear

Trekkers do not require any specialized climbing equipment.

Diwaka hires out most extra items of clothing needed on the climb. These include: Dacron jackets, Iceland Sweaters, Under jackets, Under trousers, Socks, Boots, Rain coats, Gloves, Sleeping bags, trekking poles, Foam mats, Goggles, Kit bags, and Gaiters.

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