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The most common type of houses in Kenya are Apartments, Town Houses, Maisonettes and Luxury Villas.


Real Estate Kenya

By definition apartments are a suite of rooms forming one residence, typically in a building containing a number of these. The term flats is also used to refer to apartments. However, in Kenya you hardly hear of apartments in Eastlands or flats in Lavington.

Apartments normally have one to four bedrooms with a suite of rooms occupying an area of 150 to 300 square meters. They can be serviced and/or furnished making them popular with students, diplomats and expatriates. There appeal is in the location, size, style, amenities, number of units in the compound and price. Salient features include swimming pools, gymnasiums, ponds, clubhouses etc.

Apartments are mostly occupied by people in the upper and middle income bracket.

Town Houses

Town houses in Kenya are usually inside a gated community. They are often two or three levels and occupy an area of about 250 to 400 square meters. Like apartments, the facilities and common areas are shared, however town houses have more exclusive features and operational codes that make them more like private member’s clubs.

They boast an variety of salient features such as landscaped gardens, swimming pools, clubhouses, basketball courts, tennis courts, onsite fitness centers etc. Private firms provide round-the-clock security.


A maisonette is a derivative of mansion (a large, impressive house). It is a small house usually attached to another one, typically on two stories having its own entrance from outside, a front yard serving as a car park for one and a backyard.

Most maisonettes have three to four bedrooms with a DSQ and they occupy an area of about 100 to 200 square meters. Until recently, this was the most common type of house in the urban areas ex., Donholm, Buruburu, South B, South C etc. However, due to scarcity of land in the city and other urban centers this type of developments have moved to areas around urban centers ex., Kitengela, Mlolongo, Athi River etc.

These houses in Kenya appeals to small young families due to their price and function.

Luxury Villas

By definition a villa is a large and luxurious country residence. In Kenya they are found in tranquil suburbs and usually have four or more en-suite bedrooms. They are specious and no luxury is spared: Hardwood floors, Venetian finishes, designer furniture etc.

Luxury villas are designed for the highest-end of the luxury market.

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