5 Days Mount Kenya Climbing Through Sirimon- Naro Moru Route


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In this Mount Kenya climbing safari tour ascent is on Sirimon route and the descend on Naro Moru route.

Sirimon route is the least used, but features the most gradual ascent profile and best acclimatization options. The route passes through impressive Yellowwood forests, which gradually turns into moorland covered with giant heather.

In the higher reaches Sirimon route features abundant wildlife and beautiful alpine scenery. The Austrian Hut and Point Lenana are reached from the head of Mackinder’s Valley via Simba Col.

Major camps and landmarks: Sirimon Gate (2500 m), Old Moses Camp (3300 m), Liki North Camp (4000 m), Mackinder’s Valley, Shipton’s Camp (4200 m)

Naro Moru is the fastest and hence the most popular. It’s not particularly scenic and the rapid ascent profile makes it unsuitable for trekkers wishing to acclimatize more gradually. The route also features the legendary “Vertical Bog”, a steep quagmire of wet moorland that is very taxing after rains.

The final ascend up to the Austrian Hut tackles a long, loose and uncompromising scree slope up the side of the Teleki Valley. Basically, you don’t want to do this route unless you want to reach Point Lenana in three days.

Descending via the Naro Moru route is fine though. It can be done in one very long day, but usually done in two days and one night.

Major camps and landmarks: Naro Moru Gate (2500 m), Met Station (3000 m), The “Vertical Bog”, Teleki Valley, Mackinder’s Camp (4200 m)

Day 1: Nairobi to Nanyuki town

Depart Nairobi at 7:30 am and drive to Mount Kenya area via Nanyuki town (approximately 4 hours drive). After picking up the porters and guide proceed to Sirimon gate on the North West side of Mount Kenya. Picnic lunch will be provided and there after make a 3 hour walk to Old Moses Hut 3,300 m for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Old Moses Camp to Shipton’s camp

After breakfast, leave at 8:00 am, follow the directions for the direct route, until we reach the fork after about an hour. The track becomes a path, and swings right and south round the head of a large valley, crossing several small streams to reach the crest of the ridge between the Otulili and Liki North Valleys. A walk of 3 to 4 hours to Liki North hut at 3,993 m. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Point Kami Hut

After breakfast, ascend the west side of the Valley, over a ridge, then down into the Mackinders Valley to meet the direct route, taking one to two hours. From here, follow the Mackinders Valley to reach Shipton camp, a total of 4 hours from Liki to Shiptons camp at 4,250 m. Dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Point Lenana via Austrian hut

We wake up at 2:30 am and head out by 3:00 am to attempt Point Lenana 4,985 m. The walk takes 3-4 hours depending on individuals pace. After enjoying the spectacular sunrise and taking pictures, we descend to Mackinder’s for breakfast and then descend further to Met Station on Naro Moru route for dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Naro Moru to Nairobi

After morning breakfast, continue walking down through the bamboo and indigenous forest to reach Naro Moru gate to meet with our vehicle waiting for us at the gate. Later drive to Nairobi.

As it’s the case when climbing any other mountain it is important to acclimatize well to enjoy climbing Mount Kenya. Altitude sickness can be avoided by ascending slowly and if at all possible spending an extra day half way up to acclimatizes. Descending to a lower altitude can cure it.

Some of the items needed on the climb can be hired from the tour operator. They include; Dacron jackets, Iceland Sweaters, Under jackets, Under trouser, Boots, Kit bags, Gloves, Socks, Sleeping bags, trekking pole, Foam mat, Rain coat, Goggles, and Gaiters.

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